David Gilbert’s Dream

In 2000, a man named David Gilbert felt the city of Cleveland was missing somethidg-2ng, so he decided to re-found the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission (GCSC). Over the last 17 years, the Sports Commission has contributed to over $450 million dollars in economic activity in the Northeastern Ohio area. Not only is he the CEO of the GCSC, but the CEO of Destination Cleveland, the visitors center for Cleveland. DG, you’re the man.

He wasn’t through yet! As if founding a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and being CEO of two wasn’t enough, he wanted to give some young professionals in the community a chance to gain some real-world experience. (And things were a little crazy around the office, so naturally, interns were the answer.) BOOM! sign2The internship program was born.

What started as a dream has transformed into a growing business that helps bring people to the “216” and has given me an outstanding way to end my senior year.

I can’t wait to share all of my adventures and my love of the game with you, right here!