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The Mid-American Conference is home to 12 universities in five states. The championship tournament is held every year and the winner automatically gets a bid into the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Through the Sports Commission, I was offered a unique opportunity to volunteer at the tournament as a ball girl for two days. Check out my Snapchat story from this unique experience.



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From Intern to Full-Time

The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission has a culture of turning interns into full-time staff members. Half the full-time staff turned their internships into a lifestyle and joined the team post-internship. One of the most notable interns turned full-time is the internship director, Matt Sajna. Here are his tips for turning an internship into a full-time career and some statistics about going from intern to career. The future of the capital markets industry


Run, Run as Fast as you can

SPIRE Institute

Creating a Relationship 

Five years ago, the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission partnered with SPIRE Institue to bring the Big Ten Indoor Track and Field Championship to Geneva, Ohio. Some of the most prestigious athletes in the game will compete in this championship. This is great for Geneva because the event generates approximately 1.2 million dollars in economic activity. SPIRE was a natural choice for the event because it is a world-class facility, able to accommodate both the men’s and women’s teams. The Michigan State University Women’s team and University of Nebraska Men’s team are out to defend their 2016 titles.

Strong leaders and legendary names are born in the Big Ten Conference. Big Ten Runners Big Ten is headquartered in Rosemont, IL and consists of 14 universities across the nation. The Ohio State University being one of these universities. (O-H) More than 120 years after its founding, Big Ten still boasts being a national leader in intercollegiate athletics, on and off the field.

The Ohio State University, the only Ohio university represented in the conference, boasts some serious talent to watch out for at the championship. Last week, junior Nick Demaline achieved his fourth shot put title, after beating his own personal best, at the Spire Invite. This title puts him ranked sixth in the NCAA for throwing. For the ladies, pole vaulting will be the event to watch. At the Spire Invite, Madison Roberts and Megan Hoffman had personal bests to move them into the No. 2 and No. 3 all-time for the program. The Buckeyes will host the Buckeye Tune-Up next weekend as final preparation for the Big Ten Indoor Track and Field Championship. Good luck and go bucks!

Although my crew and I won’t work the actual event, we do have a hand in the pre-planning. The communications department writes the press releases and media alerts, recruits media to cover the event, and promote it on our social media outlets.

This means I stay very busy, writing alerts and following up with different outlets around the Northeast Ohio area, attempting to spark their interest and have them cover the event. My partner, Cierra and I also work on developing the social media plan. Sarah, the events intern works on signage for the event and making sure all the sponsors are represented.

Sarah, the Event Management Intern works on signage for the event and making sure all the sponsors are represented.

The buzz is still huge around the office even though come game day we will hand the event over to the folks at SPIRE. We have been planning and coordinating this event all year and it is great to see it all come together so seamlessly.


Working hard is what we do and it’s all for the love of the game.



**Stats provided by Ohio State’s Track and Field page. Photos courtesy of The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.**