The Intern Behind the Blog


Hi! My name is Anne-Marie and I am the Communications Intern at the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.This unique organization helps bring some amazing sporting events to The Land. The unique aspect of it is, the events are not only professional events, but events for amateurs, collegiates, high schoolers, and juniors.

When I found this opportunity, I knew it was one I needed to have. Sports and non-profits are hands down two of the best industries to work in. (but I am a little biased) They offer a lot of work for little pay but introduce you to people who do everything for the love of the game.

Sports are unique. They light a fire inside the people who play them, as well as the people who watch them that is unlike any other.It is just as fun to watch fans go wild as it is to watch the actual game itself be played. Along with the hype, sports also bring people together. It creates a special bond, which can be a friendly rivalry (sometimes not so friendly) or a union of people who watch the same team lose every week but still show up to all the games.

That is why I do what I do, all for the love of the game.



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